Hung Hua's new CSOV set to arrive Taiwan in May

By WindTAIWAN / 2021-05-10
Hung Hua Construction's new CSOV will be the Taiwan's largest and first fully Taiwanese-owned offshore construction vessel

Taiwan’s Hung Hua Construction announced it has acquired subsea multi-purpose vessel “Pacific Constructor” previously owned by Swire in March.  

The CSOV is currently undergoing reflagging process and will be a 100% Taiwan-owned vessel renamed as “Orient Constructor”. Orient Constructor will soon be deployed to Changhua providing services to CIP’s Changfang & Xidao offshore wind farm project.  

Hung Hua said "Orient Constructor" is the largest and the first Taiwan-flagged CSOV owned entirely by Taiwanese enterprise.

Orient Constructor is capable of various subsea operations, her equipment includes: 250-ton dynamic compensation crane, 1300 square meter deck, helipad, moonpool and ROV chambers,  The vessel is capable of delivering scope of work including : Geotechnical survey, Walk to Work, UXO/PUXO, grouting and export cable laying.

Dong Fang Offshore adheres to the concept of sustainable business of its parent company Hung Hua Constructions, and has begun to extend its scope to Taiwan's maritime talent training in 2021.  

Starting in June 2021, apart from hiring heavily trained international captains from various ship types, they will continue to guide Taiwanese crew and provide professional training.  In the future, maritime engineering education courses will also be offered with their own ships and equipment, to lay a stable and solid foundation for Taiwan's Offshore Sustainable Industry.  

Dong Fang Offshore has set three important guidelines for business operation this year :   

1. Continue to expand ship machinery equipment with the aim to expand Taiwanese local offshore fleet to serve offshore wind farms in Taiwan. It is expected that other large ship construction machinery will be added by the end of the year to enhance local construction energy.  

2. Establish a maritime engineering training institution to train professional talents and make use of advanced technology and experience from global experts to upgrade competitiveness. “Leveraging Taiwan’s ‘first-mover advantage’ and expand services throughout Asia-Pacific region.”   

3. Hung Hua has built and cultivated Taiwan's offshore engineering industry for more than 40 years, adhering to people-oriented-cultivating a large number of offshore talents; supplemented by equipment-expanding the scale of the construction fleet, sticking to and witnessing the development of Taiwan's maritime engineering over the years.  

Chen Polin, Operation Director of Dong Fang Offshore said: “The investment of Orient Constructor shows our determination to expand footprint in  Taiwanese offshore industry. Dong Fang Offshore will carry on with Hung Hua’s business philosophy of building a sustainable and humane environment. t We look forward to talents and crews from all over the world return to harbors in Taiwan.” 

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