Without taking small steps, one could never travel thousands of miles.

Without the accumulation of small streams, rivers and oceans could not be formed.


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1991- Denmark build its first offshore wind farm (Vindeby)

2010- Germany launches its first offshore wind farm.

2017- The U.K.’s electricity generated by offshore wind power grow to 6.2%.

2019- Taiwan has established its offshore wind farm power generation capacity allocation in Changhua County.

In the past 28 years, the world has seen tremendous changes. The global population of extreme poverty reduced by half and global life expectancy has risen from 55 yrs to 72 yrs.

The publication of “Wind TAIWAN-Offshore Wind Power” is precisely designed for the future development of Taiwan’s offshore wind power industry. We are not only looking at the next28 years, but the decades to come. In doing so, we hope that Taiwan could have a powerful voice in the offshore wind power industry.

We hope that “Wind TAIWAN-Offshore Wind Power” creates a platform for delivering the proper knowledge of offshore wind power to Taiwanese readers, and try to reach different fields, topics, and people for our content as much as possible.

We expect that “Wind TAIWAN-Offshore Wind Power” has the insight to analyze the trend and explore the future for our readers.

Wind TAIWAN-Offshore Wind Power” covers the aspects including industry dynamics, R&D/technology, policy analysis, and global trends. The reports compose with rigorous and academic attitudes, elaborate the offshore industry in Taiwan, for readers to comprehend the current situation and learn from other countries.

The technology, industry, policy, society, and culture innovate in every second, we should see where we stand in this progress. What it really matters is what we leave behind: the seed of possibility.

WindTAIWAN Offshore Magazine Issue. 8

Policy Review 1. Current status regarding Taiwanese crew recruiting on offshore wind working vessels 2. Challenges of EIA for offshore wind sector in Taiwan

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