《WindTAIWAN》 Privacy Policy

The 《WindTAIWAN》 Official Website is run by The Internet Citizens Association. In order to protect your personal information, the private policy statement is drafted for better understanding how The Internet Citizens Association take measures to protect your privacy. This policy explains how The Internet Citizens explain what data we process and why we use your data.

1. Scope of Application

This privacy policy and all of its items are applicable to The Internet Citizens Association.

2. Purpose of Data Collection and Type of Data we Collect

Your data is collected when you register and use the services provided by 《WindTAIWAN》. 《WindTAIWAN》could use your personal data provided by its business partners or enterprises in combination with the information you provide at 《WindTAIWAN》. 《WindTAIWAN》 will automatically record your computer and browsing info, including IP, cookies, software, hardware and browsing records. 《WindTAIWAN》will use your data for the following purpose: to customize the advertisement and content of the website, to satisfy your needs for products and services, to improve our services for you, to make contact with you, to engage in legal research and for market analysis and industry report (without revealing your private information). 《WindTAIWAN》collects, processes, and utilize your personal data for specific purposes as follows: marketing, consumer and customer services and management, information communication services, advertisement and commercial management and other purposes including contract management and legal management.

3. Data Usage Time Period, regions, subjects and methods

Period of Time: Unless the law states otherwise, your personal data will not be used should you choose to stop using services via The Internet Citizens Association’s website and its affiliated websites and when you send request to The Internet Citizens Association to terminate the usage of your data.

Region: Taiwan and regions that provide services of The Internet Citizens Association website and its affiliated websites Subjecst: 《WindTAIWAN》, an affiliated website of The Internet Citizens Association could combine information provided by its business partners or other enterprises about you with the personal data info you provide on 《WindTAIWAN》 Method: When you register at 《WindTAIWAN》, you will be asked to provide your name, electronic mail address and mobile/telephone number. When your log onto the website, we would will be able to identify you via information you provided during registration. You have the rights to choose whether or not to provide your personal data. However, if you choose NOT to provide information in the“required” column, you will not be able to proceed with registration and use the website.

4. What are your rights

You can search, browse, copy or revise your information at any time on 《WindTAIWAN》platform. 《WindTAIWAN》preserves the rights to send you specific information about 《WindTAIWAN》(i.e. website service announcement, management notices). These information will be part of your account established at 《WindTAIWAN》. Should you choose to delete your account please contact us directly at info@windtaiwan.com

5. Safety and Maintenance

《WindTAIWAN》will practice safety measure on your personal data. This includes using legal technologies and measures to protect your personal data from being stolen, tampered, damaged, destructed or leaked , under the guidance of law in Taiwan, R.O.C. 《WindTAIWAN》will not share your personal data with any individuals or non-relevant enterprises without your authorization, unless we are to provide the product or services you require.

《WindTAIWAN》has already signed NDA with its sales platform and reliable business partners which will receive your personal data. These organizations could use your personal data to communicate with you about the services and products provided by《WindTAIWAN》and its marketing partners. However, these organizations have no rights to share your personal data. 《WindTAIWAN》will take legal actions against infringement of our client‘s personal data. In order to prevent illegal actions, alleged fraud or personal threats to our customers, 《WindTAIWAN》will take legal actions against abovementioned activities and share your personal data to legal units. Should 《WindTAIWAN》be acquired partially or entirely by other associations or entities, we will transfer your personal data to the party. A notice will be sent to you if your data are to be used under a different set of private policies.

《WindTAIWAN》use your personal data to tailor advertisement . Advertisers (including ads associations) may assume that those who browse or interact with advertisement meet precise marketing standards. When you browse a precise marketing ad or interact with an advertiser, 《WindTAIWAN》 will not provide any personal information to the advertiser. However, if you choose to click into the ads and interact with the ads, the advertiser may assume that you meet the precise marketing standards. To optimized your browsing experience, 《WindTAIWAN》will have access to cookie on your electronic devices. Those allowed to advertise on 《WindTAIWAN》will also have access to cookie on your electronic devices and use your data under a different set of privacy policies. Please note that advertisers and other associations are NOT allowed to have access to cookie of《WindTAIWAN》

6. Notices on behalf of Facebok

《WindTAIWAN》promise that we will only collect your data on Facebook(data about yourself and your friends) after obtaining your agreement. 《WindTAIWAN》will include this notice in its privacy policy statement and utilize data collected from Facebook and follow the laws in Republic of China (i.e. When《WindTAIWAN》or its partners are to provide advertisement you might be interested in)

7. Revision Policy

You can search, review, copy or revise your personal information in your account《WindTAIWAN》